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The Future Is Now

By 2013, more people will use
mobile phones than PCs to get
online. What are you doing to get
their business?


Imagine This…

What if you could print an
advertisement, and it would
automatically update itself
whenever you desired?


Could It Be This Easy?

Have special offers updated for
your best customers and clients
without even thinking about it?


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qrcode - charlestonWhat Makes Our ‘Dynamic’ QR Code

Marketing So Special?

QR codes are the future. The average person who scans a QR

Code makes around $75,000 a year… and it’s one of the easiest

ways to expand your marketing messages…

However: QR codes (the traditional kind) have massive

limitiations – what if you print one on an advertiser, flier, magnet,

keychain or something else… then want to change the behavior of

that QR code later?

Normally you wouldn’t be able to. However, with our technology,

now you can. Scan the QR code on right… then wait a minute and

scan it again.

See how the changes take place automatically? With our

technology, we can automatically update your ads based on any

specified time interval, day, month, etc. Your customers will

always see the current ad or offer!

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