2012 Holiday Sales Increase is Credited to Mobile Marketing Strategies

mobile sales upSales are up!  That’s the good news. But you might be surprised why.

This year, online shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday increased by 30.3% over last year’s figures and you might be as surprised as those of us in the marketing business as to why that is.

Reports are coming in and surprisingly, it’s mobile marketing that just might be the platform that pulls many businesses through this holiday season.

Mobile vs Social Media

In reports that surprised even marketers, the data regarding this holiday season’s exciting findings around what mobile is doing for businesses compared to businesses who are using  social media as a platform for driving sales this holiday sales is surprising to everyone.

Mobile Commerce News reported that “At the same time that mobile marketing is engaging consumers, retailers are also finding that social media – while interesting to consumers – is not converting them into buyers. According to IBM data, consumers did have a positive feeling about the various promotions, convenience, and shipping options available over mobile and they enjoyed the ability to communicate with retailers over social. However, at the same time, they weren’t using it to actually make any purchases”.  This is disheartening to many business owners who have put so much time, effort, and money on the table to establish a social media presence for their business’.

This Trend is Expected to Continue

It wasn’t surprising to me, I’ve known this was coming from the very beginning of mobile marketing’s inception.  I think we all did but I think what really surprised us was the timing.  We didn’t know it was going to happen this quickly.  Based on the data in these reports, one thing is perfectly clear, mobile is winning and it is expected that the numbers will continue to show this progress for mobile marketing consistently over time.  In my opinion, being able to send a message to people on a medium (mobile device) that they keep within reach for nearly every waking moment of their life seems like a pretty simple to understand strategy yet many still aren’t using it.

Further, it was reported that although shoppers did regularly use their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, the data shows that of all of the Black Friday online sales, those through social media represented only 0.34 percent.  This number is a drastic drop over last  years 35%.

The same trends were reportedly seen on Cyber Monday. While mobile marketing shined, social media generated only 0.41 percent of all online sales on that day. This drop of over 26 percent from last year’s data was more than disappointing to business owners.  You can read the entire article here

Learn More About Mobile Marketing & How it Can Help Your Business

If you would like to learn more about what mobile marketing is, what you can expect from it, and specifically what it can do for your business, we’d love to share that with you.  We are here to help you.

If you need more information ask us how you can receive our free reports “Mobile Marketing for Businesses” and “QR Code Marketing for Local Businesses”.  Both of these reports are available on this website or simply give us a call and schedule a free consultation today and we’ll bring them to you and give you a live demonstration of a mobile marketing strategy that is working successfully for a business similar to your own.

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Mobile Use Up – Ad Budgets Should Follow

I found this very cool chart today that was posted by Silicon Alley Insider.  The chart shows how many minutes per day people are spending with their smartphones vs how much time they spend watching TV.

The chart, from mobile analytics firm, Flurry shows that in 2012, people spent 127 minutes per day with their smartphones which is just short of the 168 minutes per day that they watch TV and as you can see, over the last three years, the number of minutes spent with smartphones is growing while  both web browsing on a computer and TV watching has pretty much leveled off for the same time frame.

As you can see from the chart, 2012’s 127 minutes is up from 66 minutes per day in 2010 and it is expected that this trend will steadily grow for several more years before reaching the level off stage.

We are spending more time with mobile phones and apps than we do on the web. This time spent is rapidly approaching the time we spend watching TV.

What does it mean? Well…

It means that you should be spending a large part of your advertising/marketing budgets on mobile marketing.  It’s easier to get the attention of potential buyers if your ads are where your market is looking.  Make sense?


If you would like to learn how we can help you design a mobile marketing strategy that’s right for your business, call us today.

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P.S.  Don’t take our word for it, you can read the original article here:

Processing Payments in the Palm of Your Hand

SquareUp - Smartphone Credit Card ProcessingMobile Technology is changing faster than most retailers can keep up.

I’ve got a credit card processor myself.  It’s called Square and you can get one too.  I’ve had mine for some time but I bet they are still giving them out for free. For about 2.5% you can accept a credit card anywhere where you have a smartphone and internet access.  It’s so convenient and a pretty cool tool too.

It works the other way around too.  Some retailers are beginning to accept payments from smartphones.  These are sometimes called mobile wallets.

You can read more in “Convenience Store Decisions” article below and see for yourself if this might be a technology your business is ready for.

POS in Your Palm

“Mobile technology is changing the retail landscape, offering a bevy of options for retailers to consider. By Erin Rigik, Associate Editor. In today’s ever-evolving world of mobile payment technology, anyone with a mobile phone can take credit card …”

If you are ready to get started or you just want to talk to someone in your local area to help you learn more about what mobile marketing is and what it can mean to your business, we’re here to help.

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7 Strategies to Consider Before Developing Your Mobile Website

These really are important strategies to keep in mind both before putting your mobile website together and as indicators of how well your mobile website is working for you.

7 Strategies for Creating Effective Mobile Websites

“While 21.8% of small businesses say they plan on increasing the amount they spend on mobile marketing in 2012, there is still some debate as to the best practices for an SMB going this route. Not all mobile sites are created equal, however there are …Street Fight”

Some say that the Facebook stock failure is because of how often Facebook users access the site on their mobile devices and advertising isn’t seen when the website is accessed on a mobile app.  There is no doubt about it, more and more people are accessing websites from mobile devices and if you don’t have a mobile website or at the very least a mobile friendly website, you’ll be lost in the shuffle and skipped over for one of your competitors who make it easy to navigate from a mobile device.

If you need assistance building a mobile website, we can help.  Call us today!  In Charleston, dial 843-647-0489.  Outside of Charleston call toll-free: 866-945-9707

5 Mobile Phone Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Mobile phone marketing, when used correctly, is an excellent, fast, and cost effective way to grow your business, get new customers and keep the customers you already have.  There are however some common mistakes made by many business owners that I’d like to help you avoid.  Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid in Mobile Marking

1. Mistakenly thinking that mobile users and computer users should be treated equally.

Someone searching from a mobile device isn’t searching the same way as someone searching from a computer and you are making a mistake to treat them the same way.   Mobile users are not searching the web doing research, downloading documents, or reading PDF’s they are usually searching for some kind of local information such as a location or telephone number of a business in their area while they are running errands and on the go.   Due to the small display size on a mobile device they don’t want to scroll all around looking for the information they need and they aren’t interested in clicking all over your website to find what they want.  An effective mobile website has what your mobile users are looking for.  They want to find the who, what, when, how, and why.  Nothing else needed!

2.  Not targeting your SMS messages to the proper audience.

Using SMS (short message service) text message marketing allows you to target a very specific audience.  It’s a common mistake for business owners to treat text messages like mass advertising rather than selecting the correct segment of their mobile phone marketing lists.  Segmenting your  mobile phone marketing list by certain demographics and/or certain behavioral information in will allow you to get your message to the exact people you want to reach with a specific message broadcast thereby targeting your message to buyers who are strongly related to the offer.  This will result in both a much greater conversion rate and a much greater return on your investment.

3. Using text messages just to strong-arm your customer into a sale.hard sales pitches

Your customers are looking for value!  More than 75% of mobile phone users said that they would like to receive information and offers from the companies that they do business with BUT remember… nobody likes to be sold to.  Make it easy for them to want to buy from you.  Mobile phone marketing is a great strategy but if you allow your communication with your customers to include hard sales pitches or just sending too many sales pitches (nobody wants to be nagged) and you’ll find yourself with a list of UNsubscibers!   Give your customers the feeling that they are getting real value from you by offering a variety of tips, news, coupons, links, pictures, surveys, videos, and special offers and you’ll keep them coming back for more!

4. Neglecting to add Mobile Phone Marketing strategies to your more traditional marketing methods.

Mobile phone marketing promotional strategies are super all on their own however, when they are used in conjunction with more tradional methods of advertising you’ve got the start of a winning  marketing program in place.  Mobile advertising combined with other forms of media carries a very powerful impact when used as an element of a strong all round marketing program.

Combining mobile phone marketing with online advertising, email marketing, print, radio, classified and even TV commercials can lead to a lot of traffic to your business.  An example of this strategy would be using short codes or QR codes as part of your call to action in the traditional marketing  and when the potential new customer (mobile user) texts a message to the short code or scans the QR code they can immediately receive a special offer for new customers only or something else of interest to them.

5. Thinking that Mobile Phone Marketing is a one-way medium.

Mobile phone marketing is not a one-way conversation but many business owners make this mistake unknowingly.  Interaction is the key to engaging mobile users and this is especially true of smartphone users.  Think of this as a way to connect with your customers.  People like to be asked their opinions about things and they want to tell you about themselves and what they like.  Mobile is an advertising medium where you can get your customers to engage with you and respond to you almost immediately.  Ask questions, use surveys, let them vote,  allow them to interact with you and you’ll be held much higher than your competition in the minds of your customers.

If you would like more information on how mobile phone marketing can help your business call us today for a free consultation.  We look forward to discussing whether mobile phone marketing is a good fit for your business and what kind of strategies might work for you.

To your mobile phone marketing success!

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Using A Customer Survey for Better Business Communication

February 25th is “Better Business Communication Day.” In honor of that, let’s look at one powerful way you might do a better job of communicating with your customers.  Customer surveys are a great way to find out what your customers want!

Have you ever used a customer survey in your business?  Customer surveys can help you learn many things about your customers and help you to better understand and communicate with them.customer survey

A Customer Survey can help you:

  • Provide better customer service
  • Gain an understanding of the level of customer satisfaction you are providing
  • Help you in your customer relationship management
  • Learn about customer complaints
  • Provide a thorough customer experience
  • Develop customer loyality
  • Improve customer retention
  • and more!
Let’s look at just a couple of examples.  Say you own a pizza parlor.  How important to you is it to know what your customers favorite kind of  pizza is?  How much more effective and how many more pepperoni pizzas could you sell if you marketed specifically to this group of people?  How much greater would your return on investment be if you could run a special on veggie or pepperoni pizza to JUST those customers who you know are either vegetarians or love pepperoni pizza?
Suppose you own a retail business of some sort.  How important is it to know what your customers favorite brands are?  How much more effective would it be to advertise new products and inventory to people you already know love what you’ve got and how much more satisfied are your customers going to be receiving exactly what they like and want from you?
Some other examples:
  • a jewelry store knowing their customers birthstone or anniversary date.
  • a bar & grill knowing your customers favorite beer.
  • a winery knowing what kind of wines customers like. (wine clubs)
  • a casual dining restaurant knowing if their customers have kids. (kids eat free, special kids menus)
  • a veterinary clinic knowing what other services customers might need. (kennel, doggy daycare)
  • a hair salon knowing what special events are coming up in their customers lives. (weddings, proms)
  • an auto repair shop knowing how many miles are on a vehicle.
Now suppose you could take the survey information and form it into specialized or “hot” lists like:
  • Pepperoni pizza lovers
  • Those with July birthdays
  • White wine lovers
  • Those who use professional nail services.
  • Those who use doggy daycare.
  • Oil changes and tire rotations due in March
Getting and sorting this information is easy when you use text message surveys and mobile marketing messages.  Better communication includes knowing what your customers want and giving it to them.  We can help you with that. Let us show you how simple and inexpensive it is to get started by scheduling a free consultation to discuss the specifics of how we can help your business develop surveys and marketing strategies that your customers will welcome and respond to.
Are you starting to see how beneficial this kind of information could be to your business?  Would you like to know more?
Start by calling us today!  In the Charleston area call 843-647-0489.  Throughout the U.S. dial toll free 866-945-9707.  Then download your free copy of the Small Business Guide to Mobile Marketing  for a look at what else mobile marketing can do for your business.
To better communication,


Innovative Mobile Advertising Solutions | Why Your Business Needs Them

Let me ask you this.  What is your objective in business?   Where do you want your business to be 3-5 years from now?  If you are like most, you would you like your business to make more money or perhaps you would like to gain more exposure for your non-profit?  Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief because mobile advertising is here to help you meet your objective whatever it is.

Why Your Business needs innovative mobile advertising solutions will become very clear to you if you’ll just start studying of the behavior of people when they are using their mobile devices.

Notice how everyone’s got their head in their mobile devices now?  The fact is, that people are spending most of their time talking, texting, or surfing the web from their mobile devices and not from their other computing devices.  People are spending less &  less time sitting in front of their PC’s.

Still don’t believe me? Need more proof?  The video below should not only give you a good chuckle but also convince you that what I’m telling you is true.  You may not realize it yet, but you’ll soon learn that for businesses, mobile devices and mobile advertising  are almost like finding a goldmine!


You probably already know that TV commercials, newspapers, radio ads, phone books and other forms of traditional advertising  are just not as effective as they once were.  But what is a businesses best bet when it comes to advertising?  We at Charleston Mobile Marketing believe it is innovative mobile advertising and here’s why:

The number one reason why mobile advertising is so powerful is that mobile marketing allows your business to reach your target audience where they are; on their mobile devices!  About 90% of the people in this country have a mobile device and those people have a unique relationship with their mobile devices.  Just look at them!  They are walking around every town in America reading or sending a text message right now!  Do you realize that 98% of the mobile devices in this country are capable of sending and receiving text messages and that text messaging is the preferred method of communication for a huge segment of the population?  Even better, text messages are usually viewed within just a few minutes and stay on a users phone for about 2 weeks!

It’s also important to know that mobile marketing has also proven to be extremely effective in producing a higher return on investment (ROI) than that of traditional marketing methods.  We can show you how to see the highest returns with our proven mobile marketing strategies.

Mobile devices are far more heavily used than the traditional PC. In fact, mobile devices are practically a permanent attachment for most people today.  They sleep with their phones under their pillows or next to their beds.  They never let their phone be more than a few feet from them.  Are you starting to see the power in mobile marketing? You can literally reach your potential marketing no matter where they are because they will have their mobile device right by their sides!

You need to know that  mobile marketing is just getting started and is already ON FIRE. This means that your business needs to be a part of this revolution and you will boost your profits in the process.

You may be wondering how hard it is to start up a mobile marketing campaign.  Well, the truth is, it depends on what you want to do.   Charleston mobile marketing is not a text messaging company.  That’s not to say that we don’t use and recommend text message strategies but there are many mobile marketing strategies to consider and many times mobile advertising strategies work best in conjunction with one another and with whatever other marketing methods you may already be doing.  For example, to start a mobile text messaging campaign, you simply build a targeted list of mobile users, create offers and campaigns related to your business, and start communicating to your list of mobile users. The only thing left to do after that is to start watching your profits rise…and they will!  The best way to answer that question however is to sit down and talk about your objectives.  We offer a free website analysis and consultation to make that easy for you.  After that, we’ll present you with a blueprint of what it will take to help you reach that objective.  From there, you’ll have a foundation from which to build a complete mobile advertising campaign and we hope we’ll be part of that.

Don’t wait to learn more about what mobile advertising can do for your business.  Now is the time for you to break into the very lucrative area of mobile advertising! Competition is lower than any other advertising method as most businesses have not caught on just yet – but they will.   That being said, it should be clear that businesses that take action RIGHT NOW have the upper hand as they are claiming their mobile ground before their competitors do.

Give us a call today!  In Charleston, call 843-647-0489  Throughout the U.S. call toll free: 866-945-9707.

Oh, and remember, don’t text and walk 🙂

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Visa & Gap | Begin Mobile Phone Advertising in Market

mobile phone advertisingShort Message Service (SMS) or text messages are being sent directly to the mobile phone numbers of  customers who have signed up or “opted in” to receive specials and deals from a business are proving to be one of the best marketing strategies of any kind.  This type of marketing, known as Mobile Phone Advertising or Mobile Marketing is perfect for industries such as retail and food & beverage businesses but can work equally as well for many different types of businesses.

Visa & Gap began a text message campaign strategy in November according to a recent article found on Computer World Magazine’s website.  How this works, is that the business designs an offer to motivate the customer to sign up or opt in to receive specials or other information from the business in exchange for their mobile phone number.  Once the customer has opted in, they then will receive additional offers by text message and they can redeem them by showing the text message to the cashier at the point of purchase.

In this particular instance, according to the article, the system uses Visa’s “Global Processing Network” and will be available to retailers nationwide in the future however, no specific timeline has been established or announced.

The power in this service as Jim McCarty, Visa’s global head of products pointed out, is that the processing of these messages is so fast that it’s possible to be able to reach the customer while they are still out shopping.

A typical message to a customer who just shopped at the Gap for a sweater and paid with their Visa credit or debit card might look something like this:

Buy one pair of Gap Jeans and get half off the second pair.

Reply STOP to end these messages.

It’s reported that 72% of mobile device users say that they would like to receive messages like these from companies that they do business with.  It’s also worth mentioning that every message sent out from any company is required to give you the option to “opt out” so no customer is ever stuck receiving messages that they no longer want.  This also means that your messages are laser targeted and only received by people who are interested in your product or service. Plus, since you pay by the message, your marketing dollars are spent on exactly who you want to spend them on; people who are already interested in your products or services.

Computer World’s article quotes Amy Carr, Gap’s Director of Customer Relatioship Management Strategy, as saying that they have gained valuable insights into their customer base and that she believes this will lead to improvements in the way Gap targets its promotions.

The best news is that you don’t have to wait or be as big as the Gap or Visa to take advantage of mobile marketing in your business.  Charleston Mobile Marketing has a plan available for every business size and marketing budget.  Prices for mobile phone advertising start as low as 0.025 per message based on volume and a start up package, complete with marketing strategy can cost as little as $99.00 per month.  Of course, a good plan will grow with you as your business grows and our mobile marketing plans do just that.  If you would like to know more about leaning what is involved in mobile marketing strategies for your business, give us a call at 843-647-0489 or toll free: 866-945-9707.







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Mobile Marketing News & Blog

mobile marketing newsI’ve decided to call this section of Charleston Mobile Marketing’s website “Show & Tell”  It’s our blog but play along for a minute.  Can you remember what show and tell was like? What comes to mind and what kinds of images and feelings are brought back when you hear the words Show & Tell“.  You DO remember show & tell don’t you?  I thought it was the best part of the week!  In my classroom, every Friday I think, everyone in the class brought in one of their favorite things and they would stand up in front of the class and share it with everyone.  They would show it, sometimes pass it around, tell us what it was and teach us all about it.  It was great!  I always loved show & tell.

When you think about it, learning what others have to share about their favorite things, the things that they are the most passionate about, is probably the best way to learn about anything in the whole wide world and today, on the world wide web.  I also believe that having the ability to share my own expertise on things that were important to me gave me my earliest sense of contributing to the world around me.

So, why have we stopped sharing in this manner?  Or have we stopped?…

Today,  I think of Social Media websites as the biggest and best show & tell game the world has ever seen.  Not many would argue that they don’t love being able to share on Facebook or Twitter.  Except now, the game has changed a little bit and instead of sharing with a class of 25 students, you have the potential to share with the world and the best part of all of this is that it’s still great fun!  I would even go so far as to say that it’s social proof that everyone enjoys a good game of show & tell.

So WHAT does this have to do with you and Charleston Mobile Marketing?

Well, mobile marketing isn’t much different than a good game of show and tell just like social media is.  The difference, is that instead of waiting until Friday to show off to the world what you are excited about or, posting it to social media and waiting for someone to come and be excited about it too, you share that message with them right now.  Practically right this instant as a matter of fact.

That’s when I started thinking about the kinds of things I wanted to share with the readers of this website,  I knew that I’d be sharing the latest mobile marketing news & knowledge of the industry by not only myself, but by others who are considered experts in the industry.  I want to show you what companies are doing in the mobile marketing industry and share with you what’s coming in the future.  I want to offer you everything you need to know about mobile marketing in order to run successful mobile marketing campaigns for your business.  So, this is how I’ve decided to do that for you.  The show & tell section is where you will find everything I want to share with you about the new and exciting industry that I have become so passionate about and that I believe is the single best new technology for your business.

I encourage you to play along in the game by making sure you comment on the posts and sharing with others your thoughts and experiences in what you’re doing for your business with mobile marketing.  I look forward to seeing your favorite things here and hearing you tell me what it is and all about it.

So be sure to check this section every time you visit the site or better yet, text show&tell to 72727 to get all of our updates and never miss a show & tell moment.


Leigha Baer