7 Strategies to Consider Before Developing Your Mobile Website

These really are important strategies to keep in mind both before putting your mobile website together and as indicators of how well your mobile website is working for you.

7 Strategies for Creating Effective Mobile Websites

“While 21.8% of small businesses say they plan on increasing the amount they spend on mobile marketing in 2012, there is still some debate as to the best practices for an SMB going this route. Not all mobile sites are created equal, however there are …Street Fight”

Some say that the Facebook stock failure is because of how often Facebook users access the site on their mobile devices and advertising isn’t seen when the website is accessed on a mobile app.  There is no doubt about it, more and more people are accessing websites from mobile devices and if you don’t have a mobile website or at the very least a mobile friendly website, you’ll be lost in the shuffle and skipped over for one of your competitors who make it easy to navigate from a mobile device.

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