Innovative Mobile Advertising Solutions | Why Your Business Needs Them

Let me ask you this.  What is your objective in business?   Where do you want your business to be 3-5 years from now?  If you are like most, you would you like your business to make more money or perhaps you would like to gain more exposure for your non-profit?  Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief because mobile advertising is here to help you meet your objective whatever it is.

Why Your Business needs innovative mobile advertising solutions will become very clear to you if you’ll just start studying of the behavior of people when they are using their mobile devices.

Notice how everyone’s got their head in their mobile devices now?  The fact is, that people are spending most of their time talking, texting, or surfing the web from their mobile devices and not from their other computing devices.  People are spending less &  less time sitting in front of their PC’s.

Still don’t believe me? Need more proof?  The video below should not only give you a good chuckle but also convince you that what I’m telling you is true.  You may not realize it yet, but you’ll soon learn that for businesses, mobile devices and mobile advertising  are almost like finding a goldmine!


You probably already know that TV commercials, newspapers, radio ads, phone books and other forms of traditional advertising  are just not as effective as they once were.  But what is a businesses best bet when it comes to advertising?  We at Charleston Mobile Marketing believe it is innovative mobile advertising and here’s why:

The number one reason why mobile advertising is so powerful is that mobile marketing allows your business to reach your target audience where they are; on their mobile devices!  About 90% of the people in this country have a mobile device and those people have a unique relationship with their mobile devices.  Just look at them!  They are walking around every town in America reading or sending a text message right now!  Do you realize that 98% of the mobile devices in this country are capable of sending and receiving text messages and that text messaging is the preferred method of communication for a huge segment of the population?  Even better, text messages are usually viewed within just a few minutes and stay on a users phone for about 2 weeks!

It’s also important to know that mobile marketing has also proven to be extremely effective in producing a higher return on investment (ROI) than that of traditional marketing methods.  We can show you how to see the highest returns with our proven mobile marketing strategies.

Mobile devices are far more heavily used than the traditional PC. In fact, mobile devices are practically a permanent attachment for most people today.  They sleep with their phones under their pillows or next to their beds.  They never let their phone be more than a few feet from them.  Are you starting to see the power in mobile marketing? You can literally reach your potential marketing no matter where they are because they will have their mobile device right by their sides!

You need to know that  mobile marketing is just getting started and is already ON FIRE. This means that your business needs to be a part of this revolution and you will boost your profits in the process.

You may be wondering how hard it is to start up a mobile marketing campaign.  Well, the truth is, it depends on what you want to do.   Charleston mobile marketing is not a text messaging company.  That’s not to say that we don’t use and recommend text message strategies but there are many mobile marketing strategies to consider and many times mobile advertising strategies work best in conjunction with one another and with whatever other marketing methods you may already be doing.  For example, to start a mobile text messaging campaign, you simply build a targeted list of mobile users, create offers and campaigns related to your business, and start communicating to your list of mobile users. The only thing left to do after that is to start watching your profits rise…and they will!  The best way to answer that question however is to sit down and talk about your objectives.  We offer a free website analysis and consultation to make that easy for you.  After that, we’ll present you with a blueprint of what it will take to help you reach that objective.  From there, you’ll have a foundation from which to build a complete mobile advertising campaign and we hope we’ll be part of that.

Don’t wait to learn more about what mobile advertising can do for your business.  Now is the time for you to break into the very lucrative area of mobile advertising! Competition is lower than any other advertising method as most businesses have not caught on just yet – but they will.   That being said, it should be clear that businesses that take action RIGHT NOW have the upper hand as they are claiming their mobile ground before their competitors do.

Give us a call today!  In Charleston, call 843-647-0489  Throughout the U.S. call toll free: 866-945-9707.

Oh, and remember, don’t text and walk 🙂

P.S. If you haven’t already, hurry and get our free report  “The Small Business Guide to Mobile Marketing“.


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