Using A Customer Survey for Better Business Communication

February 25th is “Better Business Communication Day.” In honor of that, let’s look at one powerful way you might do a better job of communicating with your customers.  Customer surveys are a great way to find out what your customers want!

Have you ever used a customer survey in your business?  Customer surveys can help you learn many things about your customers and help you to better understand and communicate with them.customer survey

A Customer Survey can help you:

  • Provide better customer service
  • Gain an understanding of the level of customer satisfaction you are providing
  • Help you in your customer relationship management
  • Learn about customer complaints
  • Provide a thorough customer experience
  • Develop customer loyality
  • Improve customer retention
  • and more!
Let’s look at just a couple of examples.  Say you own a pizza parlor.  How important to you is it to know what your customers favorite kind of  pizza is?  How much more effective and how many more pepperoni pizzas could you sell if you marketed specifically to this group of people?  How much greater would your return on investment be if you could run a special on veggie or pepperoni pizza to JUST those customers who you know are either vegetarians or love pepperoni pizza?
Suppose you own a retail business of some sort.  How important is it to know what your customers favorite brands are?  How much more effective would it be to advertise new products and inventory to people you already know love what you’ve got and how much more satisfied are your customers going to be receiving exactly what they like and want from you?
Some other examples:
  • a jewelry store knowing their customers birthstone or anniversary date.
  • a bar & grill knowing your customers favorite beer.
  • a winery knowing what kind of wines customers like. (wine clubs)
  • a casual dining restaurant knowing if their customers have kids. (kids eat free, special kids menus)
  • a veterinary clinic knowing what other services customers might need. (kennel, doggy daycare)
  • a hair salon knowing what special events are coming up in their customers lives. (weddings, proms)
  • an auto repair shop knowing how many miles are on a vehicle.
Now suppose you could take the survey information and form it into specialized or “hot” lists like:
  • Pepperoni pizza lovers
  • Those with July birthdays
  • White wine lovers
  • Those who use professional nail services.
  • Those who use doggy daycare.
  • Oil changes and tire rotations due in March
Getting and sorting this information is easy when you use text message surveys and mobile marketing messages.  Better communication includes knowing what your customers want and giving it to them.  We can help you with that. Let us show you how simple and inexpensive it is to get started by scheduling a free consultation to discuss the specifics of how we can help your business develop surveys and marketing strategies that your customers will welcome and respond to.
Are you starting to see how beneficial this kind of information could be to your business?  Would you like to know more?
Start by calling us today!  In the Charleston area call 843-647-0489.  Throughout the U.S. dial toll free 866-945-9707.  Then download your free copy of the Small Business Guide to Mobile Marketing  for a look at what else mobile marketing can do for your business.
To better communication,


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